What’s in the Accountants Wallet?

So I have to admit, the Economist didn’t ask me about this before he decided we were all going to write posts about what cards we are using. This is one area where I am far less than optimized. I’m sure I could be getting a lot more from my cards but it isn’t something I have put any time into.

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With that being said here is the only credit card in my wallet:

TD Cash Back Visa* Card*

It provides me with 1% cash back on groceries, gas and any recurring payments set up on your card. I get 0.5% cash back on everything else. While this doesn’t match up to many of the introductory offers other cards provide it is the everyday deal and never expires. The best thing about this card is the fact that there is no annual fee so it doesn’t cost me anything.

Now I admit I can likely do much better if I spend some time looking into cards, the main reason I have been hesitant of this in the past is that most cards have an annual fee and you have to remember to cancel them before you get charged. I am terrible at remembering these kind of things and don’t want to forget and lose all of the benefits by having to pay fees.

Maybe after I am FI I will have more time to worry about my credit card rewards and will spend more time trying to travel hack but for now, I am happy getting my 1% an knowing that I will never be subject to credit card fees, assuming I pay my balance every month.

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About the Author: The Accountant

The accountant spent most of his career in public practice until recently when he took a job with a local company as their in house accountant. As a kid he was always a saver and was constantly trying to come up with new ways to make money.


  1. C’MON MAN! So many cards out there will give you 1 percent or more on everything for no annual fee. Tangerine will give you the same deal as this card except they double your cash back (to 2 percent) on those categories.

    You’re giving money away!

  2. LOL Accountant! The Economist’s right! You can do so much better. Just take 5 minutes and go here: https://creditcardgenius.ca/cards

    Click on “Show filters”, set the sliders to your preferences, then scroll down and click on “Spending breakdown”.

    Fill in the numbers (just make your best guess if you’re not sure). Then click on “Show Results”.

    You’ll get the best recommendations based on your spending. 🙂

  3. You guys are right! I need to stop being so lazy and update my cards! I’m putting it on my to do list for this week.

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