Podcast #15 – The Rise of the Side Hustle

In this episode we discuss the rise of side hustling. And in a new twist we sample a bottled cocktail. If you found this podcast you’re probably familiar with the…

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part-time, BARISTA FIRE

Podcast #10 – Part-time your way to FI

Show notes for episode #10 In this episode, the Mechanic, the Accountant, and the Economist discuss BaristaFIRE. We’ll sample a few new beers as usual too. If you found this…


Should I Take a Year Off – Follow Up

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I was considering taking a year off of work to explore other things. A lot has changed over the past…


Podcast #5 – Reducing Your Housing Expenses

In this episode, the Mechanic, the Accountant, and the Economist sample a couple of beers and discuss minimizing their housing expense.

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Podcast #3 – Locating Yourself on the Path to FI

In this episode, the guys in the FI Garage sample some fresh beers and discuss how to locate yourself on the path to Financial Independence by assessing your knowledge and analyzing your financial situation with our Canadian twist.

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What is the Most Efficient Job to Choose?

Here you are, young and knowing that Financial Independence is your ultimate goal. Great choice of a goal! But now it is time to choose a job to help you…

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I think like many of us I started on my path to financial independence before I had even discovered the FI movement. I was never a fan of having to…