#28 – Physical Distancing

The guys discuss what a day in the life of self-isolation and social distancing is like. If you found this podcast you’re probably familiar with the FIRE movement that has…

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Interview #5 – Money Mechanic’s Spouse Weighs in on FI and Money

From the archives, Money Mechanic sits down with his wife for a candid conversation about FI and Mustachianism.

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Book Review – The Simple Path to Wealth

After one of our early podcast recordings, the Mechanic brought out some books from his library for the Accountant and me to borrow. I choose JL Collins’ The Simple Path…

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The Franklin FI, Shane Dillon

Interview #2 – Shane Dillon Author of The Franklin FI

Today on the FI Garage The Economist and The Accountant have a beer with Shane Dillon, author of The Franklin FI. He managed to get himself up at 3:00 am…

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Worry-Free Money

I ‘ve just finished reading Shannon Lee Simmons’ book “Worry-Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach to Managing your Money and Your Life”. I would recommend it to anyone who is just…

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I think like many of us I started on my path to financial independence before I had even discovered the FI movement. I was never a fan of having to…