Stock Picking Contest – First Quarter Update

Well, here we are, a little over one-quarter of the way through 2019 and the Mechanic’s Stock Picking contest.

You might remember that the Economist and the Accountant didn’t like the Mechanic’s strategy for this contest and the FI Garage entry, but if you don’t remember we talked about it here.

Now…Time for the update we promised!

Let’s check in to see how the Mechanic is doing over at Asset Based Life….ouch! Sure he had a gain of about 6.1 percent and is only 13th out of 18 participants, not too good, not horrible, but not good…

As of March 31, ETF based fund of VUN*, VDY*, and VIU* and BPY.UN* is up 14.3 percent before the impact of USD/CAD exchange – and after the impact of the change in the exchange rate, our fund is up 15.2 percent. This includes about $1,200 of disbursements that were earned over the first quarter and reinvested on March 31, 2019.

That’s a lot better than the Mechanic’s fund but only good enough for 4th place (out of 18 participants).

Not too shabby.

Remember we’re not trying to be world beaters here, we just want to be consistently above average. We’ll update again in July!

*Disclosure, we each already own a position in some or all of BPY and the ETFs mentioned in this article and the content of this post is our personal opinion, not investment advice.

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