Stock Picking Contest – Third Quarter Update


So, I haven’t written a post since our web site crashed and I lost a couple of the posts that I really enjoyed writing, but have not been able to get the motivation to re-write them.

Luckily there is a post that must be written and must be written now to get me back on the horse: How is The Accountant’s and my ETF-based portfolio doing against the competitors in Asset Based Life’s Stock Picking Contest?

As of September 30, our ETF based fund of VUN*, VDY*, and VIU* and BPY.UN* is up 17.5 percent before the impact of USD/CAD exchange – and after the impact of the change in the exchange rate, our fund is up 20.0 percent. This includes about $1,675 of disbursements that were earned over the third quarter and reinvested on September 30, 2019.

We are crushing the Money Mechanic’s portfolio (12 percent return), but have fallen all the way to 8th place overall. But 8th place is where we want to be with this boring, index approach…Today’s leader is just as likely to be tomorrow’s last-place finisher, but with indexing investing we are going to find the middle ground quarter after quarter.

*Disclosure, we each already own a position in some or all of BPY and the ETFs mentioned in this article and the content of this post is our personal opinion, not investment advice.

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  1. I keep forgetting about this constest until the quarterly updates!

    It would have been interesting to see a couple of Benchmarks added for fun too. Just curious how the S&P, TSX, etc have all fared over the same time period and how we all compare.

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