Stock Picking Contest – Final Results


Here is the much anticipated, much delayed, final result of the how The Accountant’s and my ETF-based portfolio would have faired in Asset Based Life’s 2019 Stock Picking Contest

The actual results can be viewed over at Asset-Based Life, but we’ve included the final table here for your convenience:

The Money Mechanic made a huge push, climbing to 7th place and increasing his returns to almost 25 percent! Well done.

Meanwhile, our ETF based fund of VUN*, VDY*, and VIU* and BPY.UN* had a slow quarter and we ended up with annual gains after distributions of 23.33 percent, putting us right where we wanted to be – in the middle!

*Disclosure, we each already own a position in some or all of BPY and the ETFs mentioned in this article and the content of this post is our personal opinion, not investment advice.

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