Interview #5 – Money Mechanic’s Spouse Weighs in on FI and Money

The Money Mechanic turned on the FI Garage recording gear while he was having a beer with his partner/wife earlier this year. They had a quick talk about their personal finance journey together.

What are we drinking (0:53)


  • Being a team on the path to FI (3:25)
  • The transition from not being mindful about spending to being anal about spending (3:57)
  • Allowing for some slack for the spending of your partner (5:10)
  • Mustachian lifestyle (8:57)
    • 10:10 – OCM
  • Choosing to go on FI journey together (11:29)
  • Quality over Quantity (12:55)
  • Bringing your finances together (13:20 & 15:05)
  • Moving back to Canada and paying off debt (14:30)
  • Shout out to Paula Pant – afford anything, not everything (17:40)
  • Reading FIRE blogs and listening to FIRE Podcasts (18:00)
  • Parting words – Make sure your partner doesn’t go over the top (20:00)

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