Interview #3 – Phia from

Today on the FI Garage The Mechanic and The Accountant have a beer and get to speak with Phia, author of Freedom101 Blog. We have a few beers and discuss how Phia and her husband Mike reached FIRE and why she prefers to call it Financial Freedom rather than Financial Independence.

What we are Drinking (1:45)

The Interview

  • Financial Freedom rather than Financial Independence (5:30)
  • Living the life you want now (9:45)
  • Focusing on what’s next (11:07)
  • Quitting won’t solve all your problems, consider experimenting with not working before you quit for good (12:00)
  • Saving extra money each year even once in FI and over saving for FI (14:15)
  • Other forms of passive income (17:10)
  • The paradox of FIRE (22:20)
  • Driving a Tesla (26:50)
  • The anti-routine, lawn bowling and getting rejected for seniors bridge club (31:00)
  • Favorite Office Episode (32:30)
  • The most overrated part of FIRE (36:05)

Five Steps to Financial Freedom


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