Interview #2 – Shane Dillon Author of The Franklin FI

The Franklin FI, Shane Dillon

Today on the FI Garage The Economist and The Accountant have a beer with Shane Dillon, author of The Franklin FI. He managed to get himself up at 3:00 am from Malaga, Spain so he could have a beer with us and tell us about his new book.

What we’re Drinking

Interview Questions

You had art exhibited in the louvre? [3:06]

Was Photography Leisure or Side Project? [4:20]

Where do you currently live?  [4:54]

What is your cost of living like? [5:50]

  • One month of rent in Malaga= 10 months of rent in San Francisco

What was your inspiration for FIRE? [6:40]

  • Treating life like a Human Corporation
  • Tracking Profit and Loss, Savings rate, etc.

You took some time off for travel? [8:10 and 10:08]

  • Wasn’t happy at work
  • Backpacked across South America

What is your favorite investment vehicle? [9:10]

  • Start investing with a little
  • Index Funds are hard to beat

You had a second career? [11:20]

The travel bug bit you again [12:40]

  • Biked across the USA – learned what you need to be happy when carrying 2 bags for 4 months
  • Moved to Europe

When did you start on The Franklin FI? [14:15]

  • Going to write 3 pages per day and end the summer with a novel.
  • Breaking large goals down into simple tasks.
  • Feel fulfilled after achieving simple goals.
  • Finished first novel in first 60 days.
  • 2 novels finished and plan to write 3rd this summer.

Tell us more about the actual book?

  • The Franklin Fi: A Personal Finance Adventure for Next Generation Investors
  • Is the idea you presented in the book for how a young person might get their first job with an ideal career path resume based on your own experience? [18:32]
  • Tell us a little more about the characters, especially Sam Smooth and his similarity to Denny Crane? [21:03]
  • Why did you want to write a book for young adults? [22:05]
    • Average college student graduates with $40,000 in debt and it takes 21 years to pay off.
    • 70% of Americans are living pay cheque to pay cheque.
    • 80% of Americans die with some kind of debt.
A snippet from The Franklin Fi

Any parting thoughts for our audiance? [27:17]

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