Interview #1 – Chrissy from Eat Sleep Breathe FI

Well the Financial Independence Garage finally got their collective technical shit together and lined up an interview!

Today we are very excited to welcome Chrissy to the show.

Chrissy is a Canadian and the author at where you will find a collection of great articles and her FI School series.

We chat about what inspired her to join the FI community, favorite books and lots more about working towards FI in Canada. Enjoy the interview.

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    1. Thanks, Chris, although many of the FI/RE principles apply across borders, I agree that we Canadians need to share the unique circumstances that vary so much across the country.

  1. I have to say …..proud money mechanic’s mother here
    That was a great interview!
    I particularly noted the voices, which effortlessly revealed everyone’s passion in the subject. Must be something to do with ‘timing’. In addition, there was that element of curiosity and humour, together with personal revelations, which all go to make a great listening experience.
    You prompted with the right questions to achieve a rich and interesting reply.
    There was no time lag, you could have been in The same room!
    Well done!

      1. Just listened to your first podcast, have to say I’m inspired looking forward to talking FI with you
        at work mechanic.

  2. I’m glad you took on the task of interviewing! I’m lurking here as a person from US continually intrigued by Chrissy and Canada! I was glad to hear her voice and learn more about her.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the episode! The FI path in Canada is a little different then it is south of the border but a lot of the basic principals remain the same. We have a few more interviews lined up so stay tuned!

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