#10 – Part-time your way to FI

part-time, BARISTA FIRE

In this episode, the Mechanic, the Accountant, and the Economist discuss BaristaFIRE. We’ll sample a few new beers as usual too. If you found this podcast you’re probably familiar with the FI/RE movement that has grown in popularity recently. Here at the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional.

Beer #1 – Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale – Brewed & Bottled in Vancouver, B.C. by Stanley Park Brewing [0:47]

Interesting Article [2:40]

BaristaFIRE [6:42]

  • Working for benefits and insurance [7:00]
  • Dress rehearsal for FIRE [8:20]
  • Got to have F.U. money [11:30]
  • What is Barista FIRE/Barista FIRE vs Subsistence Working [12:50]
  • Barista FIRE choices (1) Keep your current job (2) move to a labour of love [14:00]
  • 3 things we want in our jobs are: Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose [14:15]
  • Lifestyle decision [15:20]
  • Definition of Barista FIRE [16:00]
  • Opportunity to crush side hustles [19:35]
  • Continuum to FIRE [20:35]
  • Don’t stay in a job you hate to get to FIRE [24:10]
  • Episode 641 of Radical Personal Finance – at about 25 minutes: “this is the time: things are good, if they are not good for you, make sure you know why” [25:35]
  • Choosing your part-time job based on perks [28:15]
  • Changes your sequence of return risk [35:05]
  • You don’t have to reach FIRE to enjoy the benefits of FIRE [37:25]
  • We’re terrible at making guesses about our future selves [38:05]
  • Tontine [39:10]
  • Going back to school? [40:05]
  • FI is Entrepreneurship for Pansies (EFP) [40:52]

Beer #2 – Steamworks Pale Ale – Brewed & Bottled in Vancouver, B.C. by Steamworks [28:55]

Deep Dive – How long will the decision to work part-time delay my timeline to FIRE? [31:55]

  • If you have $500,000, need $1,000,000 to reach FIRE, and are saving $25,000 per year, then at an average return of 6 percent, you are about 7.5 years until you have reached FIRE.
  • If you move to Barista FIRE and earn an equivalent amount to your expenses, letting your investments grow you will reach FIRE in about 12 years – 4.5 years longer than if you had continued to save $25,000 per year.
  • If you move to Barista FIRE and earn an income but need to withdraw $10,000 per year to meet your expenses you will reach FIRE in about 16 years.

Stupid Money Move – Using payday loans or cheque cashing services [42:07]

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  1. Thanks for the mention on the podcast, guys! Great to hear you presenting some alternatives to the common narrative of working your butt off full-time for years, then doing a hard stop once you hit FI to retire early.

    Glad you appreciated my math on how I “buy” each annual day of freedom.

    Keep up the great episodes.

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