Interview 7-The Expat

Today on the FI Garage The Mechanic and The Accountant have a coffee (cut us some slack it was really early in the morning) and get to speak with The Expat, who lives overseas and uses geo arbitrage on his way to FI.

  • The Expat discusses his favorite beers from back home, Fat Tug , Blue Buck and Electric Unicorn (1:35)
  • We discuss the move from South Africa to the UK and subsequently meeting his wife in a bar in Vancouver and moving to Canada (2:35)
  • We discuss the move to Saudi Arabia and the advantages of going overseas (3:15)
  • Using your career to travel overseas (5:15)
  • Cutting ties to become a non resident of Canada so you no longer pay taxes to Canada (6:20)
  • Lots of little wins add up to very high savings rates (10:00)
  • Steeping up your salary for working overseas (12:30)
  • How do you invest as an expat (13:30)
  • What investment products are tailored towards expats, and which to avoid (19:00)
  • What are the Expats post FI plans (23:00)
  • Taking advantage of your travel allowance to see the world (25:25)
  • What its like living overseas with kids (29:20)
  • How do you finds jobs overseas (30:30)
  • How long till the novelty of being overseas wears off (35:20)
  • Is being an expat a good trial run for post FI travels (38:00)
  • What are the most important things to consider for something thinking of going overseas (39:45)

A must read for anyone thinking of becoming an expat is Andrew Hallam’s the Millionaire Expat.

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