Interview 011 – Do you have a risk plan for FIRE?

Today on the FI Garage The Mechanic and The Accountant speak with Peter Gallant, from We met Peter at Camp Mustache last year and enjoyed his presentation about having a risk plan for FIRE. Today we dig deeper into that discussion and hear what Peter has to say about how things have changed recently.

Libations – (0:20)

Professor FIRE’s power point from Camp Mustache Toronto 2019:

CMTO Risk of FIRE Session


Discussed in the Show


  1. What’s with all the weird flexes with this guest? “My daughter got into a super expensive ballet school”. “I was using YNAB when it was just a spreadsheet”. “Me and Jesse go way back”. And many more. Who cares. He monopolized the whole show. Like listening to a lecture. I had to quit half way through. Couldn’t take this guy anymore.

    1. This interview was definitely more of a presentation, or perhaps lecture as you state. We originally saw the presentation at Camp Mustache Toronto. It definitely was a lot better when you can follow along with the graphics. We did attach the slide show presentation, but it probably doesn’t flow that well with the show. Cheers

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