032 – Cash Flow

Cash flow? Do you have it, do you need it? How does it impact your journey to FI? Multiple streams of income are very important in uncertain times. This episode we discuss our income streams, and what you can do to improve your cash flow. Here in the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional. #FIRE

Beers – [0:51]
In the News [5:05]

Like giant ice cream trucks, supermarkets on wheels get ready to roll into the neighbourhood via CBC

Cash Flow [6:50]

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  1. Another great episode! If you’re house rich you can also generate a lot of cash flow by getting a reverse mortgage. For a lot of people, a reverse mortgage + CPP is all they need to retire comfortably.

    1. Interesting that you mention the reverse mortgage. One could definitely generate cash flow this way, I look at it as a last resort. Sadly most aren’t investment savvy enough to realize that their home (equity) could be put to work to generate the cashflow instead of giving the house back to the bank. Funny how most would consider the investment too risky, yet the reverse mortgage truly does destroy your asset. Just by a thousand cuts.

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