1. Great podcast guys and it was awesome to meet you at Camp Mustache Toronto! Thanks for the mention and happy to chat on a future episode. Ping me whenever!

  2. Thanks for keeping Volley-Hockey-Ball a camp secret. The first rule of Volley-Hockey-Ball is never to break the fifth rule of Volley-Hockey-Ball… which is that we don’t talk about Volley-Hockey-Ball.

  3. So great to meet you both at Camp Moustache. I am now binge listening and loving your podcasts. Two of the best things in the world FI and Brewskis! You may remember me as the guy who rode his bike to camp from Toronto 🙂 Keep up the great work.

    1. Hey Mark, Thanks for tuning in! We totally forgot to mention how impressed we were with your travel to camp. You definitely won the most Mustachian travel award. Drop us a line for show suggestions or improvements anytime! Cheers.

      1. Hi guys,
        I’m really loving the “Bob and Doug MacKenzie” meets financial philosophers podcasts. I’m more than half way through all your pods in just a week, your sage advice and entertaining banter is addictive. I’m interested in a show on moving from financial advisor to DIY. It is a bit daunting and could be a great service to us Mustachians and FI Garage listeners.
        Thanks so much for the show,

        1. That’s a good episode idea. None of us have used advisors, so we’ll look for an interview guest that can provide useful insight. Breaking up with an advisor is a common theme these days, and I realize there are a lot of emotional and financial considerations. I love the Questrade commercials about this. Cheers, MM

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