1. You know where I stand… I’m with the Accountant. 100% for an emergency plan, instead of a fund. I can’t stand having my money just sitting there, “just in case”.

    But that’s me, and not everyone’s comfortable with that. So you guys also make a good point that there are important psychological benefits to having an emergency fund.

    Excellent episode guys! When I have a chance, I’ll link to it from my emergency plan (not fund) article. I think it nicely articulates what I spent an entire post trying to say!

    PS—YES! You finally added a “notify me of new comments” option!

    1. I’ll accept that having a well defined plan is an acceptable way of dealing with financial emergencies. What about anticipated future costs? Do you advocate for keeping cash in savings for that?

  2. Quality show gents – am with The Accountant on this one…plan vs fund.

    That said, awesome to hear him lose his mind on the subject – so please do drop in “clearly you need an emergency fund” in future episodes to trigger him – absolute gold from an entertainment perspective.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my rant! I think it’s always important to have a plan for when things go wrong not just with emergency funds but in most aspects of life.

      It’s always better to be prepared.

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