072 – The Boys Are Back

We’re back and sharing some personal updates and what the future holds for the FI Garage. Here in the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional. #FIRE

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  1. This feels like a farewell episode(*insert “Its not goodbye but see ya later” meme*).

    That being said I appreciated the broad range of topics you discussed on each episode.

    Its true the past episodes have a wealth of knowledge.

    Still will be intently waiting for new episodes!

    1. Don’t worry we’re not throwing the towel completely!! We had quite a few listeners reach out and ask what was going on with the show, so we wanted to update everyone and set the expectations going forward. Cheers, MM

  2. Nice to have you guys back. I also got an alert from IB just today. It told me I have 10% margin liquidity remaining. I’ve been keeping an eye on it all week so it wasn’t a surprise. Luckily I can just transfer some money over from my HELOC. I’ve been buying good stocks at cheap prices lately. The problem is once I buy them they get cheaper. 🤣 I really hope Shopify shares go up after its upcoming earnings report. I plan to buy a call option on it because it seems undervalued now.

    The Loonie Hour is a pretty good show. That boomer host keeps making references I don’t understand lol. 😂 But he seems to know what he’s talking about, except his February prediction that Putin was bluffing about military action. That was a bad call, lol.

    1. Haha, I can see how you might miss some of the Boomer references. They definitely get things wrong, just as we do. But I like that their our there throwing down opinions, and they have a good discussion about the macro economics of Canada and the world.

      People make such a big deal about a margin call. Like you said, just shift some HELOC. I think it’s another one of those cases where people are inherently against debt and leverage, so a margin call is like the end of the world for them. Like you I’ve been picking up some deals, only to have them become better deals for the next person. Cheers!

  3. Lol. Just heard Money Mechanic encourage his dog to fart while he and the dogs were the only ones in the room….did I hear that right?
    Good to hear from you guys again.

  4. Hey boys- it has been a fun ride listening to your show from the start. Thanks for all the efforts in providing great infotainment for the world to enjoy. I know I have learned a number of tools that are helping to unfold that roadmap…
    I will appreciate any and all future episodes you can sneak in between/after curling and summer seasons.
    Please know that you are always welcome to cold ones in fridge of my far-from-FI-garage in Kamloops. Would be great to kickback and do a deep dive on “Tontines”

    1. Thanks Joel, hopefully we’ll find ourselves up that way to take you up on the offer. The same goes if you find yourself down in Victoria. We almost got an episode recorded this week but the Economist’s kids had covid. We’ll drop a few over the summer. So much to talk about right now with the state of the markets and the economy!! Cheers!

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