042 – Is that Really a Risk?

Boscawen Inn

Brought to you by The Boscawen Inn in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

In our first sponsored episode the guys discuss risks we face on the path to FI. Sometimes we mis-label variance as risk, however, even with variance, there are associated risks. We discuss when it might be appropriate to acknowledge a risk but not make any allowance for it and when to make significant allowances for risks. Here in the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional. #FIRE

Beers – [2:31]
Judy from the Boscawen Inn – [6:17]

Risk [21:20]

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  1. Hey guys! This was my first episode. Enjoyable show you’ve got going here! I appreciate the casual nature of sitting around having drinks and catching up.

    Congrats on your first sponsored episode, too. Sounds like the inn will probably find a worthy new owner—someone will see the opportunity presented by depressed assets in the age of the pandemic.

    Towards the end, talking about risk and investments, the idea of protecting the money you need—your base—rings true. And having some money to take a deeper risk with sounds like the Barbell Technique in investing.


    1. Thanks for listening Chris! Glad you enjoyed the show

      It is very similar to the Barbell Technique. I’m not sure ever fully hit the “low risk” end of the spectrum that the technique includes but I think it’s a great way to find a suitable risk level for your personal needs. Not to mention it’s nice to be able to have some riskier investments as these are usually the things I find a little more interesting. By having your minimums covered it can allow you to take some more risks.

      The Accountant

  2. I stumbled upon your show listening to everything I could find about the Smith Manoeuvre and have been listening to every episode for two weeks now.

    You guys do a great job and have shown me how little I know about personal finance and really kicked me “down the rabbit hole” learning as much as I can before my mortgage comes up for renewal later this year.

    Love the banter and beer talk as well. Keep it up, cheers!

    1. Hey Barney,
      Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you found the show! We do try and have some fun with a beer while we’re learning. It always surprises me how much I still don’t know about personal finance!! Email me if you want to run through anything on the Smith Manoeuvre, I’ve got a pretty solid handle on it now. Happy to help.


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