04 – Investing in ETFs in Canada

In this episode, the Mechanic, the Accountant, and the Economist sample a couple of beers and discuss how they have decided to invest within the limitations of the Canadian investment system. If you found this podcast you’re probably familiar with the FI/RE movement that has grown in popularity recently. Here at the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional.

Beer #1 – SnowblindBrewed & Bottled in Fernie by Fernie Brewing Co.

What’s in the News?



Index Mutual Funds and ETFs:

TD E-SeriesQuestrade ETFs (all Vanguard)

TDB 908 – Nasdaq index
TDB 900 – Canadian index
TDB-906 – Euro index
TDB 909 – CDN Bond
TDB 911 – International Index

VGRO – Growth Asset Allocation
VFV – S&P 500
VUN – US Total Market
VCN – Canadian Index
VIU – Developed world ex NA
VEE – Emerging markets

  • The Accountants Retirement Portfolio:
TD E-SeriesVirtual Brokers ETFs (Vanguard )
TDB 900 – Canadian Index
TDB 903 – US Index
TDB 911 – International Index
VUN – US Total Market
VDY – Canadian High Yeild Dividend
VIU – Developed world ex NA

Reading List:

2nd Beer – Frosted Tips Brewed & Bottled in Vancouver by Parallel 49 Brewing

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    1. I had a quick look at it. Definitely interesting, I think there are lots of traders out there that eat this stuff up. Would you be a builder of strategies, or a buyer? I’ll try and remember to mention it on a show. Could be a side-hustle for someone who really loves digging into Quants and Algos. Cheers MM

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