036 – Finances with your Spouse

We have had lots of listeners ask us about how we handle our finances with our spouses. So in this episode, the guys discuss how they manage their finances and keep money from getting in the way of their relationships. Here in the FI Garage, we’re all on the path to FI, however, we consider the RE part optional. #FIRE

We apologize for the audio on this one, the Mechanic was off fixing helicopters so he was forced to use his satellite internet.

Beers – [1:00]

Spousal Finances [5:15]

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  1. Fun fact: after a full episode talking about spousal finances, the thing that is sticking with me most is the Economist excitedly repeating “Tontines!”.

  2. my wife and I thought that the same thing, economist was definitely boisterous… that said she’s onboard with the FI plan, as part of that plan I’m switching to public mobile. As you three have been a big influence (acknowledging the show is for entertainment purposes only) I’m wondering if any of you haven’t maxed out your referrals for public mobile yet and if you haven’t if you’d share your code to get your bill to zero.

    1. Hey Matthew, Having the spouse on board is a huge part of a successful FI journey. Good decision to switch to Public mobile, and thanks so much for thinking of us on the show. We haven’t maxed out our referrals yet. I’ll email you a code. Cheers!

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