1. Interesting that I didn’t get an email notification about this episode airing…the Mechanic must have been trying to reduce listenership of this one!!

    Found the beginning very funny. We’re here to …something about a road map…and something about repairing your finances with tools …

    You guys didn’t talk about trading crypto and weed stock options from your margin accounts!
    Is this something I should do???

    1. I must have forgotten to schedule the email for this one…We are using a new email program too, so I’m not up to speed on scheduling episode notifications. I’ll leave you question up to The Accountant, he’s in the derivatives market!!

  2. This is such a fun episode. I don’t have much direct experience with options, but I do have a lot of second-hand experience.

    I believe that buying options is too risky, and not just because you could lose your money. Too often I see people play with options and it ends up having a very negative effect on their mental health. There’s this “what if” factor that encourages people (often young men) into gambling more they can afford to lose, hoping for a big payday and to become a fulltime “trader”. It also has this patina of investing – because it involves the stock market – which allows them to gamble with thousands more than they would be willing to lose in a regular casino.

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