059 – Can you afford your FIRE hobbies?

In this episode we discuss if your hobbies could actually end up causing you to spend more when you no longer need to work as much. We drink some Whistle Buoy special release NFT IPA graciously bought for us by Mark Seed. As you have more free time will you…


058 – Tim Nash the Sustainable Economist

Is it possible to get good investment returns while also helping to protect the environment? We bring Tim Nash, from GoodInvesting.com, on the show to discuss all things ESG. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is becoming more popular for those wanting to make more socially and environmentally responsible investment decisions….


057 – Do you have Loss Aversion?

How do you feel when the market and your portfolio takes a nose dive? How often are you checking you portfolio, networth and performance? Loss aversion is a real thing and many of us suffer from it. As a result, our investor psychology may be affected and we may not…


056 – Stages of Investing

In this episode we discuss the different stages of investing and where you go next as you learn more and grow your nest egg. We drink some of our favorite beers kindly purchased by Tyrell. Money Mechanic doesn’t think that you just own an ETF and chill. As you progress…


055 – What’s going on with housing?

Housing, we all need it, but what the heck is going on in the Canadian markets!? We drink some Flagship IPA as this episode is generously sponsored by Steamworks Brewing. We discuss the current state of the housing market and if you can retire with a mortgage. Here in theĀ FI…


054 – ETF’s – USA and International Selections.

In this episode we pick up where we left off after Canadian ETF’s and discuss our US and International ETF picks. We drink some 88 Brewing, ‘Ring Pop Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA’ purchased by Jeremy. We discuss the reasons we have picked the ETF’s that we hold and the…


053 – High Cash Flow investment property?

Are you looking for cash flow, but don’t want the hassle of being a landlord? Do you think owning an investment property is out of your reach? In this episode we discuss investing in the Hassle Free Landlord program with Epic Alliance. Eunice from Victoria joins us to discuss her…


052 – Phases of FI

In this episode we discuss the different stages of financial independence and how to decide what comes next. We drink some Wing Man Pale Ale kindly purchased by Ryan. This episode is generously sponsored by Cody and his side hustle Argofox. We discuss the phases we are in and how…

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051 – Picking the best ETF

In this episode we discuss investing in Canadian ETF’s and how to decide what the best ones are. We drink some salted black porter kindly purchased by Jesse. We discuss the reasons we have picked the ETF’s that we hold and the difference between different Canadian ETF’s. Here in the FI…


050 – What’s a Bitcoin Anyway?

In this episode, generously sponsored by Family Money Saver, we discuss investing in Bitcoin and the future of the currency. We drink some gluten free beer kindly purchased by Maria from Handful of Thoughts. We discuss if there are reasons to hold some Bitcoin in your portfolio. Here in the FI…

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