December TFSA Portfolio Update

I know that we usually recommend investing in low cost index funds, and I do mostly invest this way. That being said, I do enjoy stock picking. I mean come on, its just plain fun. So what I won’t beat the market, that’s future accountants problem right!? I keep these individual stocks in my TFSA and enjoy the cash flow that I receive from these holdings. In the future I plan on using these dividends to help fund my monthly expenses. Here are the dividends I received in December:

CompanyShares Dividend Income
SIR Royalty Income Fund – SRV.UN66$6.93
RioCan REIT – REI.UN65$7.80
Shaw Cable – SJR.B21$2.07
A&W Royalty Fund – AW.UN21$3.00
Fortis – FTS27$12.15
Inovalis REIT – INO.UN220$15.12
Pembina Pipeline Corp – PPL5$0.95
Transalta Renewables – RNW71$5.56
First National Bank – FN5$5.79
Slate Office REIT – SOT.UN240$15.00
Banc Corp – BK97$8.93
Highliner Foods – HLF7$1.02
Alaris Royalty Corp – AD100$13.75

So there it is, $98 of income for the month of December not bad for a small section of my holdings. I should note that First National paid a special dividend of $1 per share in December on top of its regular monthly dividend which was a nice Christmas bonus. You’ll also notice I have some weird share amounts, this is due to the fact that I can make purchases for only $0.01 per share. (I was grandfathered into this option which is sadly no longer available) This allows me to purchase stock in whatever quantity I want with any extra cash laying around in my account. Such are the benefits of cheap commissions!

Keep that passive income train rolling.

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