Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Book Review – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Okay, so I’m going to be honest. I have never been a big Robert Kiyosaki fan. There I said it. Something about the seminars and his articles always seems like…

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Book Review – Thriving During Challenging Times

After I finished reading The Simple Path to Wealth I was waiting for the Money Mechanic to do our book shopping at the annual used book sale in town. While…

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Book Review – The Simple Path to Wealth

After one of our early podcast recordings, the Mechanic brought out some books from his library for the Accountant and me to borrow. I choose JL Collins’ The Simple Path…

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Book Review – Wealthing Like Rabbits

Wealthing Like Rabbits is written in an engaging, straight forward manner. The author (Robert R. Brown) approaches personal finance, a topic which can quickly become dry and boring, in a unique way turning the lessons into more of a story.


Worry-Free Money

I ‘ve just finished reading Shannon Lee Simmons’ book “Worry-Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach to Managing your Money and Your Life”. I would recommend it to anyone who is just…

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Beat the Bank

I recently read Larry Bates book “Beat the Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing” and was very impressed by how well Larry lays out just how destructive fees…

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