Here are a few of the Personal Finance and investing sites we enjoy.

The Rich Dog – New Canadian FIRE blog, We’re getting some great representation from all across Canada now!

Late Starter FIRE – A little FIRE from down under. – Tom has been educating Canadian’s about money since 2009, a must read blog

Rockstar Finance – Perhaps the largest collection of PF related resources out there.

Financial Mechanic – Smart writing going on over here.

My Son’s Father – Great list of PF bloggers by personality type.

Financial Uproar – Nelson’s posts always entertain and enlighten on PF topics.

My Own Advisor –  Mark writes great content aimed at Canadian DIY investors.

Money Maaster – Jordan throws down some good stock analysis, and a cocktail. – is a personal finance blog that chronicles his quest for joyful life and financial independence. – Calculators and tax info. Very valuable site for Canadians.

Mr Money Mustache – Often gets credit for starting the FIRE movement. Lots of good articles on saving and investing – Chrissy has been on the path to FI since 2014 and wants to help the rest of us get there as well – Brandon has some great calculators and a very entertaining podcast. – J Money has always entertaining and has some great budgeting and side hustle articles – Finance – Travel – Food

Credit Card Genius – One of FI Garage’s favourite resources for Canadian credit card research

HowToSaveMoney – Money saving tips for Canadians

Money In Your Tea – Spend less money, earn more money, invest wisely.