The FI Garage, and how we got here…

Basically we enjoy having a beer in the garage and chatting about personal finance and interesting topics throughout the blog-o-sphere. One day we decided to record ourselves, and the FIgarage Podcast was born!! It’s raw and un-edited PG content. We introduce a couple micro-brews, mmm we like that part, and tackle topics on Financial Independence.

In the Garage you’ll find The Mechanic, The Accountant and The Economist. Three friends with different backgrounds that bring insightful knowledge and philosophy to finance and the journey to Financial Independence. We all came around to our FI journey’s with different influences and likewise have different ideas of what FI is and how to get there.

The Financial Independence Garage blog and podcast is where you’ll learn how to repair and tune up your personal finance investment vehicles.  We’re going to learn about saving, investing and how to optimize those accounts.  We’re also going to focus on the lifestyle side of personal finance. Including analyzing our spending habits, building successful strategies to increase our savings rate, and most importantly living a happy and fulfilling life. 

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