23 – So you think you can Bank?

In this episode, the guys discuss the banks we use and how to optimize your bank accounts. If you found this podcast you’re probably familiar with the FI/RE movement that…


22 – Reflections on 2019

In this episode, the guys reflect on 2019 and the past decade. We also look forward to 2020 with a few items we are planning to achieve. If you found…

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Sustainable Investing, ETF

The Search for a Socially Responsible ETF Portfolio Continues

During my research for our socially responsible investing podcast, it became clear to me that making a switch from a traditional, FIRE endorsed, index ETFs to a more sustainable portfolio…

dividends, coins, money, investing

#21 – Dividend Investing 2019 Wrap Up

In this episode, the guys discuss the good and bad from their dividends portfolios in 2019. The highlight their best and worst-performing dividend stock of the year. If you found…

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#20 – Socially Responsible Investing

In this episode, the guys discuss socially responsible investing. What options do we have in Canada, and what we might want in our portfolio. We’ll sample a few new beers…

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canada usa glossery

#18 – The US/Canada Financial Lingo Translation Episode

In this episode, the guys ask if the Canadian government makes it harder for us on our way to FIRE than for Americans? We’ll sample a few new beers as…


Interview #7 – The Expat

Today on the FI Garage The Mechanic and The Accountant have a coffee (cut us some slack it was really early in the morning) and get to speak with The…

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Stock Picking Contest – Third Quarter Update

So, I haven’t written a post since our web site crashed and I lost a couple of the posts that I really enjoyed writing, but have not been able to…

asset allocation

#17 – Asset Allocation, are we on target?

In this episode, the guys discuss asset allocation and location. Are we on target? Are you? The beers we sample are from Cali this week! If you found this podcast…