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In the Financial Independence Garage, we love our beers. Each of us has a slightly different personal taste. But hey, just like personal finance, beer is personal too. Now, we have to be careful here, because we don’t want to advocate blowing your monthly spending on pricey Canadian craft beers. However, enjoyed in moderation and in good company, it’s hard to beat the experience. Because after all, we consider unique craft beer all about the flavour experience.

We’ll be sampling a couple new beers each episode and highlighting them here. Please enjoy our podcast and your beer responsibly.

Belgian Style IPA
Winter IPA
Loveshack Libations Juicy Juice beer
Love Shack, baby Love Shack…
Deep Cove Brewing Jug Island Hazy IPA beer
Hidden paradise
Czechvar lager
Hoyne Pilsner
Vancouver Island Brewing – Hazy IPA
Yellow Dog
“High 5”


  1. Yo team FI Garage!

    This is Shane Dillon, reaching out to you from Malaga, Spain but I’m originally from San Francisco.

    Let me start by saying you all rock and thank you for your inspiration. I listen to your podcast while I am working on my books.

    This past summer, I cycled across Europe covering twelve countries. Along the way, I came up with a crazy idea to write a personal finance novel for young adults. By the end of my journey, the book was completed!

    Six months later, it’s published! I just released the book last week.

    The name of my book is called The Franklin Fi. I am a big believer that learning has to be fun, so I made it a hilarious tale of four friends getting their first jobs and learning about investing in the stock market.

    The Franklin Fi is currently on the Best Sellers List on Amazon in the Young Adults Business genre. If you would like to read it, I would be happy to send you a link to the Kindle e-book.

    I’m currently, FI-ish and working on adding additional streams of passive income.

    If you all are looking for a potential guest for your podcast, I would love to work with you. I’ll even buy the beers!

    Thank you for your time! Keep up the good work my friends!

    Shane Dillon

    1. Hi Shane, congrats on the book. We would definitely like to read it, any book that helps young adults learn more about personal finance is valuable. We’ve got a list of potential interview guests going, so we’ll add you to it. Living in Spain sounds terrible! How do you put up with it? Thanks for listening to the podcast, we’ll put you down as our first international commenter!

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