Podcast beers

In the Financial Independence Garage, we love our beers. Each of us has a slightly different personal taste. But hey, just like personal finance, beer is personal too. Now, we have to be careful here, because we don’t want to advocate blowing your monthly spending on pricey Canadian craft beers. However, enjoyed in moderation and in good company, it’s hard to beat the experience. Because after all, we consider unique craft beer all about the flavour experience.

We’ll be sampling a couple new beers each episode and highlighting them here. Please enjoy our podcast and your beer responsibly.

Belgian Style IPA
Winter IPA
Loveshack Libations Juicy Juice beer
Love Shack, baby Love Shack…
Deep Cove Brewing Jug Island Hazy IPA beer
Hidden paradise
Czechvar lager
Hoyne Pilsner
Vancouver Island Brewing – Hazy IPA
Yellow Dog
“High 5”

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