Canadian Index ETF Reveiw

In a recent post The Accountant said “I know that we usually recommend investing in low cost index funds” – well ACTUALLY, we have never recommended that in a post – it is just what we talk about amongst ourselves….

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Generating Extra Income With Your Home

As you might know, I am always looking for ways to increase my income and as an Economist renting my home through Airbnb is probably my favourite.  I get to take one of my liabilities and use it to generate…

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Intro to the FI Garage

Here to tune up your finances are the Mechanic, the Accountant and the Economist.

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December TFSA Portfolio Update

I know that we usually recommend investing in low cost index funds, and I do mostly invest this way. That being said, I do enjoy stock picking. I mean come on, its just plain fun. So what I won’t beat…

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Jan 1st is an exciting day for the TFSA

So here we are, the start of a new year! Symbolically, we get a fresh start. We get to set some new goals and resolutions. I’m not really into all that jazz, but I do look forward to Jan 1st…

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Beat the Bank

I recently read Larry Bates book “Beat the Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing” and was very impressed by how well Larry lays out just how destructive fees can be to your investment returns. The book discusses the…

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I think like many of us I started on my path to financial independence before I had even discovered the FI movement. I was never a fan of having to be at a 9-5 each day, yet I liked working,…


The FI Garage, and how we got here…

Basically we enjoy having a beer in the garage and chatting about personal finance and interesting topics throughout the blog-o-sphere. One day we decided to record ourselves, and the FIgarage Podcast was born!! It’s raw and un-edited PG content. We…

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