Book Review – Wealthing Like Rabbits

by Robert R. Brown

I was scouring though the used book store finance section the other day and this title jumped out at me. Wealthing Like Rabbits, a catchy title for sure. I’d heard it mentioned a few times in the personal finance blogosphere. Although it’s a few years old (2014), the message is timeless. Now, being game to improve my knowledge on all topics finance I thought I better give it a go. Flipping open the cover that night, I realized it was a signed copy!! Sweet, maybe it’s even a first edition… Anyway, on to the book.

My Impressions

I liked that Wealthing Like Rabbits is written in an engaging, straight forward manner. The author (Robert R. Brown) approaches personal finance, a topic which can quickly become dry and boring, in a unique way turning the lessons into more of a story. I especially enjoyed the allegories he used to convey the important concept of compounding. Naturally, compounding is brought up a few times in different ways. It’s such an important concept to understand that having it repeated in the book with different examples is valuable to reinforce the message to the reader. Of course, you just wouldn’t expect it to be as fornicating rabbits or killer Zombies. As you would expect, all the important Canadian financial topics are covered, including homeownership and getting married, but with entertaining and witty spin. This book is definitely a must-read for 20 somethings who are at the perfect time to set up some good life long finance habits. It’s also equally as useful to those looking for an introductory book on saving (aka wealthing), investing, and managing one’s own finances successfully.

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From Amazon link – “The personal finance book Canada is talking about. With personal savings lower than ever before and household debt going through the roof, many people are in dire need of financial advice. But can a book that includes sex, zombies, and Star Trek really help?”

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  1. If I were to write a review for “Wealthing Like Rabbits”, it’d be just like yours. I totally agree: it’s a fun, easy read and one of my favourites to recommend to beginners.

    Another good one that’s similarly laced with pop culture references is Andrew Hallam’s “Millionaire Teacher”. Bonus: he’s also Canadian!

    Both of these authors were also interviewed by Jessica Moorhouse on her Mo’ Money podcast. They were great interviews and worth listening to!

    1. Good to know, I’ll listen to those podcasts so I don’t ask the same questions!! I do need to read “Millionaire teacher”, so many books, so little time. Or maybe I need to learn to read faster! Have you read ‘Beat the Bank’ yet? It would be a perfect next step for beginners after reading “Wealthing Like Rabbits”.

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