Should I Take a Year Off – Follow Up

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I was considering taking a year off of work to explore other things. A lot has changed over the past few months and I am excited to say I’m doing…

The Franklin FI, Shane Dillon

Podcast – Interview #2 – Shane Dillon Author of The Franklin FI

Today on the FI Garage The Economist and The Accountant have a beer with Shane Dillon, author of The Franklin FI. He managed to get himself up at 3:00 am from Malaga, Spain so he could have a beer with…

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Mechanic check in…

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? What the heck has been happening around here? Well, Money Mechanic has been busy mechanic-ing and such. If you’re looking for a post full of numbers, this ain’t it! We recently spent some time with…

comfort, etfs

How Comfortable are TD Comfort Funds?

A retired couple I know recently asked me to look at their finances and make any recommendations that I might have.  I anticipated that this might be my first opportunity to share some of the great wisdom I gained by…

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Podcast #7 – How to Save on Transportation

In this episode we continue our transportation series and look at alternate transportation and look for ways to save money.

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Simplii bank, cash harvesting, Bonus offers

Money for nothing, and Cheques for free

If you don’t have a no-fee chequing account – It’s 2019, you probably should! And this offer from Simplii Financial is a great opportunity, with a nice bonus.


What’s in the Accountants Wallet?

So I have to admit, the Economist didn’t ask me about this before he decided we were all going to write posts about what cards we are using. This is one area where I am far less than optimized. I’m…


Podcast #6 – The FI Garage Finally Talks About Cars

How much do you spend on your Car? We’re going to identify where can you save some money DIY and give you some things to think about when buying a car.

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Stock Picking Contest – First Quarter Update

Well, here we are, a little over one-quarter of the way through 2019 and the Mechanic’s Stock Picking contest. You might remember that the Economist and the Accountant didn’t like the Mechanic’s strategy for this contest and the FI Garage…

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